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LaHo Calendar with fotos of Landshut Wedding
Big Bavarian Lion Handed out by County Minister a.D. Erwin Huber Big Bavarian Lion donated by Prime Minister of Bavaria Horst Seehofer Big Bavarian Lion Handed by County Minister a.D. Erwin Huber
Published on 12/30/2009
Last Update on 12/30/2009

Canon Rock - Old meets New

Contests, Festivals and Prices

The movie "Canon Rock - Old meets New" is very successfully on contests and movie festivals. Best moment was until now the winning of the Big Bavarian Lion with Rombe Shield, donoated by Prime Minister of Bavaria Mr. Horst Seehofer and handed out by County Minister o.D. Mr. Erwin Huber. Here you will find a regulary updated list of all festival and prices.

  Price Festival
  1st Price
Best Editing (book "Movie Production" from Eckhard Wendling
County Movie Festival East Bavaria in Regensburg 2009
Big Bavarian Lion with Rhomb Shield Big Bavarian Lion with Rhomb Shield sonated from from Prime Minister of Bavaria Mr. Horst Seehofer, handed out by State Minister o.D. Mr. Erwin Huber 30. Bavarian Film + Video Festival 27.03. to 29.03.2009 in Landshut

Top: Won at my birthday in my hometown Landshut with a movie about Landshut
Laudatio to the Winning of Big Bavarian Lion from leader of the Jury Mr. Dieter Kopelke

Landshut, Portrait of a City real and also fictional. Landshut, static and also in motion first solwly, carefully, than more and more faster. Landshut, a game with sun and shadow, with lights and colors a music video, an experimenatl movie, a phantasy movie or all together ? The Big Bavarian Lion goes to "Canon Rock - Old meets New" from Jürgen Liebenstein member of Film und Videoclub Landshut VHS
Silver Medal Silver Medal Federal Festival Fantex in Waiblingen 2009
  Participation German Movie Festival 2009 in Hamburg
  Best Movie Gold Medal and "The Script in Hollywood Format" from Martin Schabenbeck
Audience Winner, turning and lighten Victory
18. International Videoclip 2009 in Berlin
  Participation 10. TOTI 2009 in Maribor, Slowenia