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Published on 30.12.2009
Last Update on 30.12.2009

Music Video, Animation Video and Experimental Movie of Landshut

Canon Rock - Old meets New

This Video ist available via YouTube
A Musik video, an animation, an experimental movie or "only" the portrait of a city. The city lives and changes itself unregistrated by the pedestrains.
News: "Canon Rock - Old meets New" will be soon available on the website of the City Landshut and as DVD in the shop of the Verkehrsverein Landshut. Will will inform you here.
Since 1992 I am member of the Film- und Videoclubs Landshut VHS and make active movies since 1994. In addition I am since 2000 youth advisor and since 2006 vicer president of Landesverband Film + Video Bayern e.V.. In movie area I like to make combinations of music and pictures.

2007 I found on YouTube the music video "Canon Rock" a new arranged music by Taiwan musician JerryC based on the classical music "Canon" of Johann Pachelbel from arround 1680. This music fascinated myself immediately and I wanted to create a video to this music. Until that time there were "only" videos of guitar players available. A little less action for such a fascinating music. But Canon Rock is to fast to simple cut to the music like done in MusIIG. On 11th of October 2008 the idea to this movie was created and only two days later the hard recording in the City of Landshut started with the first pictures of the tree, which already lost the sheets. The idea comes no day to early. In the next weeks most of the ideas, movie and photorecordings for the 30 special effects were created.

On question was not answered. How I would place the single pictures of the effects exactly to the sound of ths music. The starting qequence for example is created out of two movies (Isar and clouds) and to photo series (castle and tree) and must be assembled each single frame according to the sound of the music. And that for the whole movie and 8014 frames. But than this problem was solved with a computer program, which "knows" when the drums or other sounds are there. Over 2000 sound effects are visualised by the effects and pictures. At least the starting sequence renders for more than 2 hours and the ending sequence for more than 4 hours.

Many animation I also see first one my PC, when the sequence is rendered completely. Some were good at first attempt like the luminous stones in the ground, others must recorded more than once to match to the pictures in my head, oc piano for example at leat three times. All pictures are real world pictres, no computer generated stuff, which are only simple corrected by noise reduction or color corrections. The single effects are created by assembling parts of different photos, for example two fotos of the castle, one with lights in the windows on and one with lights off, or through playing a series of fotos in row to the music.

Meanwhile the movie is very successfully on different movie festivals, the audiences and of course the City of Landshut, which bought the movie. The first version was to the music played by FunTwo, the new version is now to the music played by Paul Linke. In the next months I will explain here the single effects of the movie.
recorded and cutted, 1st Version   October 2008 to March 2009
recorded, new effects, 2nd Version   October 2009 to December 2009
Format   miniDV, SD 720 x 576
Length   6 Min.
Category   Experimental Movie
Idea, Story Board, Photos, Camera, Editing, Animations, Computer programs and at the light switch ;-)   Jürgen Liebenstein
Music   Canon Rock
Original   Canon of Johann Pachelbel (ca. 1680)
new arranged by   JerryC
played by   FunTwo